Saturday, May 25, 2013

Bioderma Purchase! And A Slight Warning!

So a girlfriend in the states asked me to pick her up some Bioderma. I initially purchased a bottle for her that looked like this:

The bottle I would have liked to pick up for her was this size below:

Now the one thing that is TERRIBLE about Bioderma is the packaging. There is no pump, there is no way to twist off the top. There is just a really awkward opening where you have to squeeze the product out. You can not open to refill the small bottles, and you can not open to refill the 250ml bottles.  If you see the picture above, the 500ml one has a great handy dandy pump, but we don't have that size available here. I have checked EVERY Rexall and Shoppers Drug Mart I could! BAH!

Anyways, as said I purchased for her a 250ml bottle ($22.00) which is not as good a deal as the 500ml bottles ($33) but I had no choice. Then, as I was walking out, I saw these little 100ml bottles for $6.49 or $6.99. WHAT????? The small travel bottles that are NOT kept with the rest of the Bioderma display are CHEAPER per ml than the normal size? It almost identical in price to the 500ml bottles in price (500 for $33 or these would be just under $35 for the same amount)!!

And so I returned the 250ml bottle (she had anyways said she couldnt decide between the sensitive and the regular) and I got her 4 of these 100ml ones for $5 more! And she got to try both! So she was a happy girl, and I felt quite accomplished thrifty for figuring out this deal that is contrary to conventional wisdom. Travel and smaller sizes cheaper? Who would have thunk?

But...... seeing how it was a bonus redemption and if you spent $50 you got to scratch for 8,000, 16,000 or 22,000 bonus optimum points, I figured I would get some necessities to top up the purchase to the right amount. And since I was almost out of toner I thought I would pick up some more of my clinique.

On the way to picking up the clinique I noticed that these two items were on sale for half price. Since I hear so much great stuff about Bioderma (I have since started using the micellaire water myself and quite like it) I thought I would give these a test run and see how I like them. For half off, and what ended up being 8,000 bonus points (50,000 can be cashed for $85-$100 depending on the day) that works out to be $16 back). I really don't believe in buying something just for points, or just to get points, but if its something I am going to need, I think its silly NOT to get it when there is a bonus going on. I have started to get all my groceries at shoppers drug mart!

But ANYWAYS.......... That was my long-winded and often tangent inducing story as to why you should NOT ever buy the 250ml bottles of Bioderma. Always get the 500ml and if like me they are not available where you live, then get the 100ml travel bottles! Your wallet will thank you!


  1. You're so clever! I love this kind of deal. That is so silly about those 250 bottles, yikes, but that's awesome you figured this out :)

    I am so guilty of buying things for points. For some reason today I bought a second eyeliner and I think it was mainly the points that convinced me, but I am likely going to go back and return it because even though it was a good deal I probably didn't need two haha. Or I may keep it for a blog giveaway, those are always fun :)

  2. I love Bioderma. The sensitive remover is the only one I can use without my eyes burning.



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