Saturday, May 25, 2013

Butter London LIppy Shimmer

I have not yet tried a single Lippy from Butter London but that is going to change, and this is going to be the collection to make me take the plunge. I have not intentionally NOT tried them, just never had one that made me jump out of my seat and run for my credit card. I love their polishes, and after about 16 months of CONSISTENTLY amazing polish formulas I have become such an obsessive lover of the brand that even though I usually hate lip glosses and liquid lipsticks (Givenchy and Dior are the two I have so far found that I really like) I am taking the leap! Now to just narrow down which one I will take the leap with........

Help me decide all! Which one (or two) should I get? Nothing with the flecks in it though. Not into glitter on the lips!


  1. I like the first two, (Beaker and Tickety Boo!) I don't want to know how much these cost, but they do look pretty :)

  2. I am a new reader, and I am loving what I am reading. I am a new Julep Maven, and am obsessed. I have to say, as a fellow chemist, I can't believe you didn't instantly jump on BEAKER just because of its name.

    1. I didn't even look at the names! Just the descriptions. But you've sealed the deal! Beaker for sure!

  3. Just to be clear it is a pretty color, too! I'm sure it would look nice on just about anyone.

  4. I like Beaker and Swish; I wonder if they will introduce matching polishes or sell in sets with existing

  5. So, I was in Ulta the other day, and checked out these lip glosses. They had samplers, so I tried them on the back of my hand... I was not impressed. I am sure Butter London products are normally very nice (I don't own any myself), but these went on like glue. I had to go get makeup remover from the Clinique counter staff to get it off, and my hand still felt sticky when I was done. If you have somewhere you can try them out, I would suggest it... I wouldn't spend 20$ a piece on them.

    It is really sad because they were very pretty colors.



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