Thursday, May 16, 2013

Cleaning Out The Photo File - Random Swatches!

The way my blog works, when I photograph anything for my blog it goes in to a folder on my desktop that is entitled blog ready. That means the photo has been taken, edited if need be and is ready to go. Sometimes pictures pile up and I have had up to 300 photos in there at some points.

I usually end up going through and deleting photos that are 6+ months old. Or photos of limited edtion items that are sold out and I didnt get up in time. But this time, instead of just deleting, I figured I would just make a single post of a bunch of swatches.

These pics are really old. Its hard to look at them now and see the difference in quality and clarity from then to now. But I thought better to show them to you guys before deleting them forever!


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