Tuesday, May 7, 2013

YSL Tie And Dye Polishes In Ice Coat And Hip Coat

So this is a really hard review to do. On one hand, I want to say its such a big fail and such a disappointment. On the other hand, these are gorgeous polishes and I love them.
"Inspired by the Couture Tie & Dye, YSL nail lacquer plays colour in gradation effect just like a sophisticated total look. The coloured base is covered by a "pop coat" for a sugary glossy result. Top Coat can also  be used alone for a “sheer” glittery result on the nails."
Now that is how it is described on the YSL website. Now the gradient effect that they mention is what had me hooked. BUT...... its ONLY in the bottle. The truth is that the gradient or layered effect is nothing but a marketing gimick in my opinion. It does nothing. It makes no difference if you shake up the polish or try to use it like this, the minute you pull the brush out you are getting a mix of the three layers. Its basically a sheer tinted shimmer top coat. Gorgeous. But NOT what it sells itself as. So while I LOVE them, I am not loving the collection. To me it is a dishonest sales campaign. It kind of tricks you into buying them. Does that make sense?

What they look like when you shake them up.

Are these gorgeous? YES. Are they gorgeous enough to convince many people to spend $34 Canadian on a bottle? For some yes, for some no. But the gimmick will I am sure pull a lot of people from the no category to the yes.


  1. Aww, that's disappointing... I was wondering how these were going to work, though. They seemed to be promising something improbable.

  2. They are pretty, but like you said, they're not what they claim them to be.



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