Monday, May 20, 2013

Dior Nirvana VS YSL Vert D'Orient

So with the new YSLVert D'Orient coming out, many (including me) wondered how close it was going to be to Dior Nirvana. Thankfully, once more Jerrica comes to the rescue. Here they are side by side. Now the truth is I LOVE Nirvana, and they are close. But I do really the YSL one also. Sigh......... What to do.....

What are YOU thinking? Do you like them both? Like one more than the other? Need one of them? Or both?


  1. Both are very pretty! YSL one looks similar to China Glaze Exotic Encounters.

  2. I already have Dior Nirvana and just bought YSL Vert d'Orient... I totally love these shades... ♥ and "need" bought!!! ^__^



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