Thursday, May 9, 2013

Soap & Glory The Scurb Of Your Life Review

So one of the things I got for my birthday 4 days ago was a basket full of Soap & Glory products. I have tried a few, and they are not all love at first site (I will review them all) but I wanted to start with this one. This was A-MAH-ZING!!!!!! Seriously. Lets first start with the oh so cute packaging (even if it is pink. Grr).

The scrub itself is a thick gel with pink little granules in it.

Now when I went to scrub it in for the first time I was stunned at how much it lathered up! It lathers into a really nice moisturizing foam. It leaves your skin smooth and soft and just lovely. I have used other scrubs and not DISLIKED them, but this is the first scrub I have tried that I actually LOVE. I really think its a great moisturizing scrub (never thought the two would go together) and it smells nice. It says its the ‘Original Pink’  smell of Soap & Glory. I was a tad disappointed with the smell only because I have heard how AMAZING it is over and over and over and over again. So it was nice, but kind of a let down after all I heard. It is hard to put my finger on the exact smell but according to Fleur De Force its a citrus base with notes of bergamot, summer rose, peach, strawberry, jasmine, patchouli, amber and musk. I kept hearing how fruity and peachy it is but the truth is I dont get that myself. Its just a nice fresh clean scent in my opinion. Just a tad fruity.

Scrub Of Your Life retails for $16 and is available exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart Stores nationwide.


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