Friday, May 31, 2013

Clinique GIft With Purchase

I am one of those crazy people who does not really like gift with purchases. For some brands, such as Estee Lauder, its great. But in general, for me at least, I would rather stock up at Sephora durring a Friends and Family or VIB sale and get money off. Money is always better than free stuff in my opinion.

I will however admit I TOTALLY bought these because of a GWP. I was out of my toner three weeks ago and when I went to pick it up I got something else instead of this to try. I am not loving it, and I will be going back to my Clinique. I will probably alternate, so to actually not throw out the other, but I will be using this the majority of the time. So while walking through Sears the other day, I was looking at the skincare debating if I should pick some more up now or not. The girl at the counter said that if you bought any two clinique items you could choose any 3 samples you want. And I was about to say "no thanks" when I spotted what the samples were.

MY MOISTURE SURGE INTENSE!!!!!!!!! When she said pick any 3 I said "Well, OBVIOUSLY I am getting one of these!!" and her response was "get 2 or all 3 of them if you want!". I did. She asked if I was serious. Of course I was. Its what I use daily! Now she thought I was crazy and that it was a boring free gift (I say practical, she may say boring) so she added in a 4th sample of a little palette. Then she realized she was out of shopping bags and asked if I minded if she put them in a makeup bag instead of a shopping bag. So I got FOUR deluxe samples and a makeup bag free. Now Moisture Surge Intense is $43 for a 1.7oz jar. These are .5oz!! That means that I BASICALLY got a free $43 moisturizer for buying my toner! $38 worth of moisturizer if you want to be precise.

That kind of math makes gift with purchases a Polish Jinx kind of thing! And I am no longer almost out of moisturizer!


  1. Wow that is awesome math! I have never tried Clinique and never really gotten a gift with purchase, and I do usually prefer money off, but some of the GWP definitely catch my interest and something like this would be one of them :)

  2. p.s. is the toner alcohol-free? does it work well for blemished skin? curiosity asking, though it's probably out of my price range!

    1. It has alcohol. It's meant for acne and really dries e ery thing out/up. For me I find it works just like a normal bottle of astringent, just better!

      Hope that helps!

    2. Interesting! I am just using the Body Shop tea tree one at the moment. I find tea tree really works well for me but I don't know about the toner specifically cause I am only just learning what toners do. I have acne-prone skin and am always interested in ways to make it better. if it's your go-to toner I may have to check it out in the future though :)

    3. Email me Zoe at I'll decant a bit into a travel bottle so you can try it out!

  3. Wow! I love this post. It's amazing if I buy clinique products and get clinique free gifts. I would love to try these products.



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