Thursday, May 2, 2013

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils In Sparkle Leopard, Sparkle Nude, Cashmere, Yogurt, Strawberry Milk, Cottage Cheese And Milk

So about a month ago I finally tried a NYX Jumbo Pencil. I picked up Milk and was blown away by the colour and the application. It is one of those cult products out there in the beauty world that I have heard about for eons and just never tried it. Well thank goodness I did! I liked it so much I ordered a bunch more (six) off of the Cherry Culture website. The wait was quite long but aside from that I have no complaints. It took about 3 weeks to come but oh my gosh was it packaged to survive anything.

From left to right, is Sparkle Leopard, Sparkle Nude, Cashmere, Yogurt, Strawberry Milk, Cottage Cheese And Milk. The pigment is AMAZING and they go on beautifully. The only thing is that they didnt seem to last on my eyes more than about 4 hours. I did however not use a primer so I am going to have to give them another go with a primer and hope to get better longevity!

Now I was a little confused as to how to sharpen these plastic pencils and actually had to google it (I wont admit how much time I actually spent trying to twist the bottom) but the Urban Decay Grind House sharpener worked beautifully. I know (now) that NYX makes one special for these pencils but the Grindhouse sharpener is amazeballz and sharpens everything. So if you need to pick up a sharpener, i recommend opting for the Urban Decay one!

Sparkle Leopard and Sparkle Nude remind me of Urban Decay colours in terms of the glitter in the colours. Picture an urban decay glitter shadow with OUT the fall out and you have these uber creamy liners/shadow sticks. Look how amazing the swatches are!


  1. Amazing colours! I can't imagine naming a colour cottage cheese, though :P

  2. Omg those names are hilarious... Please update when you try with a primer - would love to know!! :)

    1. I actually used the Cashmere one today as a BASE for some Estee Lauder powdered shadows and it wore like IRON! So THAT test seemed to be a success!



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