Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Almay And Shoppers Optimum Make Me A Happy Blogger!

So when surfing the net, I happened on the Shoppers Optimum page and saw the above image. I had some coupons from Revlon that were "we are sorry our blush sticks were the crappiest product ever to be sold in a drug store" certificates that were good for any Revlon or Almay product. With the current promo of buy 2 get THREE THOUSAND optimum points I headed down to the store to see what I could find.

Now what is the difference between the two packages? I assume nothing. I didn't even notice they were different until I got home and went to take the photos.

And here is the receipt. A total of ZERO money paid and what did I get in return? 3000 shoppers optimum points.

And then I had second thoughts as I was leaving and went back. I know in theory these are ridiculous and unnecessary and that I could just take a qtip and dip in makeup remover, but I thought this would be really convenient for the mess I make when putting mascara on my bottom lashes. And while at $8 a package, no way, when they are on SALE, and 3000 bonus points, and a $5 off coupon, why not?


  1. What!! I've never gotten my points over 20000!!!

    1. I find the prices on most things in the store outrageously high when not on promotion. But i find the groceries really really well priced and have started to make more of an effort to buy groceries there as much as possible on 20x points days. $75 of groceries can go far there and (they usually have toilet paper, kleenex and paper towels on sale as well) and then you get like 18k in bonus points for just grocery shopping! I just went into my account online.

      I have spent 225 dollars in the last 2 months at shoppers and have gotten 44.5 THOUSAND points. Basically, I spent $250 and have $85 in credit which will be $100 when I cash it in on a bonus points day. Thats an almost 30% return on my spending! For buying what I normally buy!

  2. What kinds of groceries? Frozen stuff, milk, eggs?
    Sadly, the closest one doesn't have a grocery section.,:(

    1. Crackers, pasta, eggs, frozen veg....

      Tomorrow if you pend $50 you get 20x points. $50*10 is 500 base points plus 500*20=10,000 bonus = 10,500 points. Which is more than $10 in points. If you do that 5 times, you have 50,000+ points which is ver often $100. So pend $250 get $100 off. That's 40% money back! Now add to that the other bonuses (right now you by 2 loreal haircare items you get 2,000 bonus and they are on sale for 6$ with .50 coupons attached.) those bonuses can push the 40% up to 50-60% money back!



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