Thursday, December 26, 2013

Lush Boxing Day Sale Haul!

So I ran in to the LUSH store today hoping to score some bath products. I know this is a LOT, but I try to buy enough to get me through an entire year. I do pick up the odd seasonal item to review and show to you guys, but in general, this is what I have to last me until next boxing day. 

Now here is what I picked up this morning: 

OOPS! Forgot to add these two bubble bars!

Now I am one who normally refuses to pick up pre wrapped gifts. You pay EXTRA for the wrapping and the box, and I would rather just buy individually and get more for my money. BUT..... What I realized this year are that there are things in the gifts that are NON seasonal and thus exempt from the sale if purchased individually.

So I picked up two of the Snowman Invasion (though these were 100% seasonal items. Not sure why I picked these up!

Inside was a snowman and a cinders bath bomb!

I got two of the zing packages! These were $16.95 each. And buy one get one free.

Now inside is 70grams of the Ocean Salt which I LOVE! But I am too cheap to buy! So it retails for 21.95 for 120 grams. Meaning a 70 gram tub would be $12.80. So for the two boxes, you get $25.60 worth of Ocean Salt AND I got two bars of soap that retail for $7.95 each! And to my mom went the soap!

Next I got two of the Mr. Frosty snowmen!

Golden Wonder bath bomb, Bombardini bath bomb and a Cinders Bath Bomb are what are inside him. Again, all seasonal, but how could I buy the mommy and the child without the father? I am NOT creating broken homes here! NOPE! Not during the holidays. That would just be MEAN!

Mrs. Frosty Snowman!

Butterball bath bomb, The Luxury Lush Pud bath bomb and a Comforter bubble bar are what are housed in the mama! Both the butterball and the comforter are non seasonal and thus exempt from the promo. So at a retail cost of $16 for those two items alone, $23.95 for two sets of these was good with me!  Plus two of the $6.95 luxury lush puds which I really liked!

And then the baby!

Inside was another Butterball bath bomb and a Father Christmas bath bomb. Now this only has a $11.40 in value, but at $16.95 for two sets, I saved $5 which was essentially getting the Butterball for free. See what I mean though about paying more for the wrapping? Its cute, but paying SEVEN DOLLARS for the cloth seems excessive. Even if it IS adorable!

So that was what I got! That and a few massage bars for my mom that I already gave to her! What about you? Did you take part in the sale? What was in YOUR haul? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. do you know when the sale ends?

  2. I ordered my items from the UK , Mr Frosy in the UK has,more of the non seasonal items in it. Baby has different items in it also . Your right though, I could never justify paying full price for the baby , I will probably keep these,wrapped next to the mama I already have in the bathroom until spring ,it will keep me from using them and will add cuteness to the bathroom :)



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