Thursday, December 26, 2013

Lush Boxing Day Sale Haul!

So I ran in to the LUSH store today hoping to score some bath products. I know this is a LOT, but I try to buy enough to get me through an entire year. I do pick up the odd seasonal item to review and show to you guys, but in general, this is what I have to last me until next boxing day. 

Now here is what I picked up this morning: 

OOPS! Forgot to add these two bubble bars!

Now I am one who normally refuses to pick up pre wrapped gifts. You pay EXTRA for the wrapping and the box, and I would rather just buy individually and get more for my money. BUT..... What I realized this year are that there are things in the gifts that are NON seasonal and thus exempt from the sale if purchased individually.

So I picked up two of the Snowman Invasion (though these were 100% seasonal items. Not sure why I picked these up!

Inside was a snowman and a cinders bath bomb!

I got two of the zing packages! These were $16.95 each. And buy one get one free.

Now inside is 70grams of the Ocean Salt which I LOVE! But I am too cheap to buy! So it retails for 21.95 for 120 grams. Meaning a 70 gram tub would be $12.80. So for the two boxes, you get $25.60 worth of Ocean Salt AND I got two bars of soap that retail for $7.95 each! And to my mom went the soap!

Next I got two of the Mr. Frosty snowmen!

Golden Wonder bath bomb, Bombardini bath bomb and a Cinders Bath Bomb are what are inside him. Again, all seasonal, but how could I buy the mommy and the child without the father? I am NOT creating broken homes here! NOPE! Not during the holidays. That would just be MEAN!

Mrs. Frosty Snowman!

Butterball bath bomb, The Luxury Lush Pud bath bomb and a Comforter bubble bar are what are housed in the mama! Both the butterball and the comforter are non seasonal and thus exempt from the promo. So at a retail cost of $16 for those two items alone, $23.95 for two sets of these was good with me!  Plus two of the $6.95 luxury lush puds which I really liked!

And then the baby!

Inside was another Butterball bath bomb and a Father Christmas bath bomb. Now this only has a $11.40 in value, but at $16.95 for two sets, I saved $5 which was essentially getting the Butterball for free. See what I mean though about paying more for the wrapping? Its cute, but paying SEVEN DOLLARS for the cloth seems excessive. Even if it IS adorable!

So that was what I got! That and a few massage bars for my mom that I already gave to her! What about you? Did you take part in the sale? What was in YOUR haul? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. I ordered my items from the UK , Mr Frosy in the UK has,more of the non seasonal items in it. Baby has different items in it also . Your right though, I could never justify paying full price for the baby , I will probably keep these,wrapped next to the mama I already have in the bathroom until spring ,it will keep me from using them and will add cuteness to the bathroom :)



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