Thursday, December 5, 2013

Urban Decay Naked Three Release And $20 Off Coupon!

I am torn about this. I was debating if I should post this at all or not. According to Sephora, the new Urban Decay Naked 3 palette will be in stores on the 12-14th depending on which city you live in and which manager you speak too.

Now I really like NOTHING about the way Urban Decay dealt with the release and it has completely put me off this palette. Forget about no longer being excited for it. I honestly don't even WANT it anymore. That being said, I recognize I am in the minority and I KNOW the gong show the release of this is going to cause. I expect it will be next to impossible to find for quite awhile. But I also want to remind all Sephora beauty insiders that there is a $20 off coupon (if you are VIB or VIB Rouge) and a $15 coupon (for regular BI) to use towards a purchase of at least $50. And it expires on the 16th.

So keep in mind if you want to hold off and hope you get your hands on one of the first batch, you can do so with a bit of a discount!

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  1. UD also announced will have the palettes available on December 6, 2013.



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