Tuesday, December 31, 2013

FIRST EVER New Years Resolution

Hey everyone! Today is the day I make my FIRST EVER new years resolution. I never do them. In general I think they are kind of silly. We always say things to ourselves like "I want to do this, or get better at that". What makes January 1st suddenly the day you are magically going to follow through? If you are me, the answer is its not. 

But.......... I want it to be as loud, and as public as possible. I want to be held accountable for this.

I am going to be taking a big jar and keeping it in my room. I want the VISUAL reminder of this daily. And I want to SEE the money grow!

So throughout the year, PLEASE post a message. "How is the 52 weeks of saving going?". You can post the message here, on my facebook, or tweet me! 

I am determined to have a jar in my room one year from today with $1378.00. And not the same part that is earmarked for tuition! 

Anyone want to join me in this challenge?



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