Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Makeup Storage

Hey all! I have been pulling out my hair and driving myself mad trying to figure out what to do about my makeup. You all know I have gone a little nuts lately. Between all the new holiday releases, the VIB sale, IMATS and some beauty gala and optimum point cash ins, my stash has almost DOUBLED. So what do you do? I know what I WANT. I also know I can not afford/justify the cost of $450 for the storage I want.

Is the eDiva worth it? I am not sure. I get spam from them ALL the time, and I have tried to respond asking questions but they never answer the questions. The customer service alone makes me a little leery. That being said, I WANT IT!! But at $300 plus tax and absurd shipping to Canada, it just is not in the stars for me anytime soon!

So I said to hell with getting something pretty, But I do need PRACTICAL. And finally today I got SOOOO fed up, off to Grand and Toy I went.

And this is what my storage now looks like. For reference sake, its a 42 inch tv on the left. I still have all my brushes in glass jars beside and I have my two large refillable pump bottles of bioderma as well as a hand sanitizer on the left. 

This is two sets of drawers and I think they were $20 each. I also went to Dollarama to get acrylic containers to use to sort the items in the drawers. I was quite surprised/thrilled to find that the containers fit PERFECTLY in the drawers, either with three long baskets, 4 medium baskets, or a long basket and two square ones! 

So here is what is IN the drawers:

Bottom Drawer: All by blushes and bronzers (along with two mini highlighters). I have very few bronzers and they are in the back square container. The two terracotta bronzers from Guerlain that are in the back are identical. I found one for 70% off at Winners and you can bet I bought a backup!

The next drawer has all my eyeliners on the right. About 40 Urban Decay ones make up the bulk of my liners with the odd Clarins, By Terry or Clinique one mixed in. I think I also have a holiday set from Smashbox of 5 mini liners in there! In that same long container I have all my shadow pencils which are mainly from NYX along with a few By Terry ones. In the front are all my finishing powders including my By Terry loose powder, small sample jars of the Make Up Forever and Laura Mercier loose HD powders, my new NARS pressed powder (its a white highlighting powder), two of the new Les Beige from Chanel, and some limited edition Clarins and Korres palettes. The back is a bit of a catch all. Its got all my primers and eyebrow stuffs in them!

The next drawer up has eyeshadows. A few By Terry, Lancome and Elizabeth Arden singles on the side, along with my Marc Jacobs Lolita palette, a Lancome palette and Bobbi Brown one. In the back square container holds my Chantecaille palettes (four), two Stila palettes and then the four liquid shadows I have from Charlotte Ronson and Dior. The front has 5 Dior palettes, 5 Chanel, lone Sisley and Laura Mercier shadows and a Le Metier De Beaute kaleidoscope. 

Next up is another drawer. the right has a bunch of eyeshadow singles and some mini palettes from GWPs. Lancome and the like. I also have a Flower Beauty quad back there! The middle is full of about 50 mini mascara samples (yes, all of them are new and never opened! Don't worry! Not planning on ruining/wasting them if I can help it. And on the right is a bunch of full sized brand new mascaras (drug store and department) and a brand new liner and Rimmel quad I have to figure out what to do with. They came recently in a beauty bag at a gala I was at.

And then we get to lips! Hair ties in the back bin, followed by some lipsticks and liners, glosses in the second and the front one has all my Clinique Chubby Sticks along with Revlon and CoverGirl versions.

And then the top drawer. The back is all my lip balms. I swear no matter how many times I purge and get rid of them, they reproduce and multiply! And I almost NEVER wear them! They are pretty much an item I use when sick with a cold. I prefer to use baby lips or the Loreal Color Riche Balms. I have 6 of the 8 they make and I use them all the time. They are by far my favourite version of a lipgloss/chapstick. The front has all my Clinique and Lancome full sized lipsticks that come free in GWP bags. I know they don't have the pretty packaging like the lipsticks from them you BUY, but why would I buy a lipstick from them when I get so many I actually like FREE? Beside them are all my deluxe mini lipsticks from brands like Dior, Chanel, Laura Mercier, Bite and others. Along with those Marcelle lip pens I have not really been loving.

I do have ONE MORE drawer of makeup. The very first drawer beneath this storage unit is all my palettes. I have two empty boxes filling up half the drawer. On one of them empty boxes is one more of those square bins with all the creme shadows I have in them. On the top of the other empty box is the Tarte holiday palette and the Urban Decay 15th anniversary palette. And then the rest of my palettes in front. Also, you can see a white envelope standing up that says Holts on it. That is where I keep my Dior receipts until I am ready to cash them in for a Dior Diva reward. I have $500 in receipts ready to go in there now!

And then lastly, I have some stuff on top of the drawers. The bin holds my foundations and concealers (as well as my new and beloved Chanel kabuki brush) and then I have some lipsticks in a holder to the right. Behind them I have a sample of four Chanel lipsticks, and then I have my makeup setting spray and prep spray (both by Urban Decay) along with a spring water spray and then some hand lotions behind the foundation.

So that is my new makeup storage! I do have more makeup! About 15-20 more items that I have sitting by my computer waiting to review and swatch for my blog. Benefit Give Me Brow, A Chanel blush, a few lipsticks, some lip liners, a new INGLOT palette, and a few more odd things! They will be put away one reviewed!

What do you use to store your makeup? How big is YOUR stash? Id love you to link a picture or post of YOUR stash!


  1. Thank you for this I feel very peaceful now that I was able to snoop in your goods. :)


  2. wow those containers fit in those perfectly! I wish I had something like this, basically my makeup is in a corner of a room right now....on the floor haha. definitely need a better system! so much fun seeing your stash :) thanks for sharing!


  3. I rarely buy a lipstick. Dior discontinued my favourite and every couple of years I take the stub to the counters to try and match it. I've bought Chanel's Wild Tulip, a Dior nude, and one EL. But no match.

    I hate buying drugstore lippies as there is usually no testers.

  4. I have wanted one of those cubes for the longest times but I love these drawers you have but we have nothing like that here. I can't justify the price of the cube and shipping. I should put up an iso for it though a lot of bloggers got them maybe they are sick of theirs now

  5. my other problem would be I can't take my stuff out of my boxes I have box issues lol

  6. I love seeing storage ideas and your is very pretty and, as far as I can see, very practical.
    Having said that, what is the name of the Sisley eye shadow? I am in love with them from the time of the cases with the transparent covers and I just have to know...



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