Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Balm CUSTOM Palettes!

Thats right! The Balm is coming out with build your own palettes!! Insert crowds cheering and people screaming now! I LOVE eyeshadows from The Balm! The only problem I really have is that the palettes in general either have cream products (the Bon Jovi palette for instance. GRR!!) or like the Meet Matte palettes I only like half the shades. I am ALWAYS a fan of the build your own system, and with the price point of these, I am an even bigger fan!

The palette are either 9 pan or 16 pan palettes and cost $8 or $10 each (obviously the 9 pan is the cheaper one). The top image is of the nine pan palettes and the lower picture are the 16 pan options.

Now, obnoxiously, the shades are only numbered. Just like Inglot. And just like Inglot, I fricken HATE when shadows are only numbered. But I guess you cant have it all. Each shadow retails for $6.50 but you get a MAJOR discount if you fill a pan when you buy it. If you buy a filled 9 pan, the cost is $44 instead of $66.50 and if you buy a filled 16 pan you only pay $64 instead of $116! Talk about great deals for a palette that you know is 100% shades YOU love.

So what do you guys think? Are you as excited about this as I am? I love palettes as I find they are just easier to use and as much as I buy singles thinking I will use them, I ALWAYS end up neglecting them. The downside of palettes is you are almost guaranteed to have shades in them that you don't like or don't use. Build your own palettes are to me the PERFECT option. When they don't cost you $100 for a build your own quad like Urban Decay ones do! Seriously, why would I pay ONE HUNDRED FRICKEN DOLLARS for an Urban Decay quad? At that price, you can buy a Le Metier De Beaute kaleidoscope or buy a Dior or Chanel quint and have money left over. But I am off topic. I will end the UD rant here!

Please, let me know what you think. Are you feeling these?


  1. Very pretty! And love the palette boxes too. Wish there were more pink/rose shades so I could try to build a semi-dupe of Naked 3 from UD. I know the cost wouldn't be much different but I'd get more colors I want. Thanks for the post!! :-D

  2. P.S. Do you know when and where these will be available, in stores only or online too? Thanks.



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