Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Juleps FREE GIFT! Chloe & Isabel Bangles!

I will be honest. I truly don't recall the last time I saw a Julep set or sale that made me jump. Its got to be at LEAST 6 months. But, today was the day. They sucked me again. I have seen Chloe + Isabel jewellery before but never known if it was worth it.

This bangle set from them is $48:

So I think its fair to the set below has the same value. But the cost of the ENTIRE set? ALONG with the polishes? $14.99!

The Holiday Hostess Set - $14.99
  • Chloe & Isabel Rhinestone Open Bangle Set in Antique brass + shiny rose gold-plated (the set above is antique brass plated). 
  • Reiko - It Girl: Rose gold metallic
  •  Anisa - Classic with a Twist: Deep burgundy crème
  • Zora - Classic with a Twist: Frosted pink pearl

Silver Bells Set - $14.99
  • Chloe & Isabel Pyramid Pave Bangle Trio containing Inlaid box chain, clear crystal pave, and pyramid studs that are Rhodium-plated
  • Missy - It Girl: Titanium metallic
  • Stevie - Boho Glam: Concrete grey frost
  • Kristy - Boho Glam: Midnight blue crème

Nice List - $19.99
  • Chloe & Isabel Rhinestone Fringe Bracelet made from Swarovski & Czech crystals
  • Jennifer - Classic with a Twist: Sheer soft pink crème
  • Susie - Classic with a Twist: Muted mint green crème
  • Gabrielle - Bombshell: Smoky mulberry crème
  • Amity - Classic with a Twist: White gold metallic

Now yes, I bought them all. And yes, I am on a no buy. But I didn't buy the polish! I am counting this as my buying jewellery. And I really have NO costume jewellery! It was simply cheaper to buy them this way than to buy them without the nail polish! I will be gifting the polish! All of it!


  1. Well if you really need somebody to gift the polish to... ;) It is a great deal but I'm trying not to let Julep draw me in! About to go to Europe and I know I'll go crazy there with make up.

  2. I'm trying so hard to not get sucked into this deal but, ugh! That hostess set is tempting!

  3. :( Even as a merchandiser for Chloe + Isabel - I missed out on this deal. These sets are all sold out! Waaaaaaa

    On a side note the necklace to "Nice List" is 40% off today. 28.00



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