Friday, December 13, 2013

Julep January Maven Preview And Swatches!

So it looks like the Julep Maven product this month is going to be a cuticle remover that comes in the same bottle as their fast dry drops. I must say I do like the consistency of the packaging. Just wish I was feeling the colours a little more!

Now these photos came from a girl who instagramed them. She found them reposted in a facebook group, and when I tracked the pictures down to the ORIGINAL group they were posted in, I was actually PART of that group! Lol! So why cant I see the post? It must be burried in the groups feed! But I am sharing them all with you! I figure if they have gone around as much as they seem to have already, I am hoping that makes them public enough already to share!


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  2. These are gorgeous, but I can't see bright colors and that green being "boudoir-ish."

  3. The bright colours are supposedly going to be minis as an add on.

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  5. Wonder why the colors in the photograph look so different from the bottles and swatches?

  6. wait, 12 polishes come in the jan maven box?



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