Wednesday, December 25, 2013

What Is A Silk Finish Polish? A Satin?

So this month Julep came out with, I will admit it, a fairly boring colour selection of polishes. In the gloomy and cold January I would hope for something fun and bright to rid us of the January Blahs..... Like the past years with resort collections. But I couldn't right off the month because the finishes were just oh so pretty. And I needed to get my hands on the pretty silk and satin finished polishes. Now if you don't like these finishes, but like the colours, don't fret! Just put a shiny top coat and you have a pretty creme. But I am for one looking forward to getting the non cremes. 

To help you out if you aren't quite familiar with the terms, Julep created this nice poster!

The satin polishes this month are Mae and Hope,
And the silk polishes this month are Abigail, Noelle and Farrah



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