Friday, July 13, 2012

Essence Colour Arts Trend Edition!

OMG! This is the FIRST collection since the Catrice Million Style one that makes me want to jump on a plane, fly to Europe and wait outside a drugstore until release time to get! 

''Unlimited color, unlimited effects, unlimited looks! All creative beauty queens take note: from August 2012, Essence offers endless new and cool styling options for your eyes, lips and nails with the trend edition “colour arts”. Pure color pigments in bright shades – from matt and subtle shimmer to metallic and sparkling glitter – ensure a unique look that is guaranteed to be eye-catching. All pigments can be mixed and matched for an absolutely individual look. Whether used on their own or combined – the expressive colors in this trend edition are sure to lift your mood and awaken your creativity! Do it yourself… with essence!'' (Essence)

This is  basically a ton of MAC style pigments that you can mix in the eye, nail or lip base to create your own colours! 20 different shades  and they are only 2.69€ each! I seriously need the following ones:

Another thing high up there on my list is this nail base. I would seriously like about 10 of these!!! And at about 1.69 € each they are quite reasonable! I have all the Spektraflair already! So bring this collection ON!!!!


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