Thursday, July 12, 2012

Disney Creates Nail Polish: Disney Villains Designer Collection

There is a three piece lipgloss set, a compact, 6 colour nail polish set and a 6 colour eyeshadow/eyeliner palette. The two items that interest me the most are the eyeshadow palette and the nail polish set. They are going to be available on the Disney website in August and at stores in September. I hope they show up here in Canada as I am interested to see them. I think they are too cutesy for me personally (not much in to the disney, cartoon or cutesy sets) but they do look fun. I can see it being a cute gift for a preteen! Though I have a few friends in their 30s who would also probably love them!!

Cruella De Vil's nail polish color is red, The Evil Queen's nail polish color is deep purple, Maleficent's nail polish color is dark teal blue, Mother Gothel's nail polish color is dark purple, the Queen of Hearts's nail polish color is fire red, and Ursula's nail polish color is light sea purple. They only come as a set and can not be purchased individually.

1 comment:

  1. Not to much into eye shadows but I love the look of those polishes, might have to grab a set!



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