Wednesday, July 11, 2012

OPI Pure Lacquer Nail Apps In Fishnet

I was very apprehensive to try another set of nail apps. The Nicole by OPI ones were such a disaster for me that I really didn't have faith in any of these. That being said, I DID try these OPI ones. The big difference between these ones and the others are these are made of 100% pure NAIL POLISH! They are not the plastic paper ones that I tried so it was on to these.

What you can not see in this picture and what I did not notice when I bought them is the INSANE green shimmer in these in the light. They really are real polish and as such they have the same finish of polish. And these ones are insanely shimmery and gorgeous once put on the nail.

They come sealed in foil wrapped package. Since these are real nail polish they will dry out and become useless if not sealed.

This is the other side of the foil pouch. there are two strips that are identical back to back. There is a plastic covering on both sides of strips. You first take off the plastic cover off the top, then off the bottom. They are super thin and delicate so you have to be CAREFUL.

Instructions are clearly on the back of the package. These do not however come with a file like most of the other ones I have seen. Not a bad thing, just something to note.

The finished sheets when I was done with them. Apparently I have FAT thumbs!!

The only finger I had issues with were my pinkies. They were too awkward for me to really pull to stretch to cover that little finger. I will have to get better with that one! And this is how thin they are. They tear super easy. When I tried to crease it over the nails nine out  of the ten had the polish extra just come right off. Beyond easy to use. I did file afterwards just to clean it up and make sure it was even.

The most important thing though to point out is this picture was not taken on Friday when I put the nail apps on. I took this picture today (Tuesday) when I took these off. NO CHIPPING OR WEAR AFTER FIVE DAYS OF HARD WEAR!!! Insane!!! Through dishes and two bubble baths, through an insane work load, I had virtually ZERO wear. I am so impressed. These are night and day difference from the Nicole by OPI ones! And in this picture you can almost see the shimmer!!!


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