Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wonder Beauty Products Cherry Parade & Crotch Rocket

I was very excited when I got to choose two polishes from Wonder Beauty Products to test drive for this blog! I couldn't decide between just two of the polishes made by this brand and gave her my short list for which ANY two would be great. So it was a bit of a surprise even though I got to choose!

The packaging was very cute. It came wrapped in paper, in a mesh bag, wrapped in more paper in the box!

Are you as excited as I am? I couuldn't wait to see what colours I was getting!

Crotch Rocket is described as an opaque medium gray cream base with flashes of yellow, blue, green, purple and orange glitter effects. The yellow is the smallest glitter, the blue being the largest. The polish I got was NOT opaque. It is quite sheer. But it took 4 coats to get a semi-opaque coat and there would be considerable visible nail line at that. I gave up at 6 coats but guess 8 would make it opaque.

Cherry Parade is described as a trendy mixture in a translucent base with dashes and splashes of various sizes of white hex and bars, patriot blue, large purple hexes with fine red glitters and bars. It is a sheer base with white bar and small and large hex glitters, medium purple hex glitters, and red square glitter.

And here is one coat of each over black, followed by one coat of each on its own. As you can see, Crotch Rocket is NOT opaque by ANY MEANS.

Here is two coats of each

Three coats of each  ( I finally got a purple glitter out!!)

Four coats of each

5 Coats of Crotch rocket

6 Coats of Crotch Rocket (at this point I got really sloppy as you can see)

I wish I could rave about these. I really do. But they did disappoint. The Crotch Rocket is great over black, but it is far too sheer to do on its own. I think it might work well as one coat over something such as Illamasqua DWS (I think thats the light grey one?!) but for something described as opaque, it couldn't have been further from it! Cherry Parade was sadly an even larger disappointment. The suspension base was far too thin and you have to fight and scoop to try to get out any of the glitter. If you have ever experienced Rococo Nail Apparel in Gold Leaf, this is the same experience. But unlike the Rococo one I could not get the hang of this one. It took at least 5 pulls out of the bottle each swipe to get any of the hex glitter out. And then half the time it fell back in the bottle.

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  1. I see everyone is having a hard time with her polish in the regular bottles. I order mine from her in the jar with the fusing liquid, and I have much better luck with the opacity (because you can choose how much of the liquid you want in each use). Maybe try that if you decide to order from her again :)



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