Sunday, July 29, 2012

Secret Flower & Snowflake Exchange Take ONE

So as you all know by now I organize worldwide nail polish swaps on a fairly consistent basis. This time around instead of playing twice like normal I had to play a third time when someone refused to send to the person she was given. I was not going to allow a wonderful sweet girl go without a gift (and this girl was is one of the sweetest) so thus I had to play a third time to make sure she was not without a gift.

So today I got the first gift in this exchange. Now we do give wishlists, likes and dislikes, along with a list of what we already have when getting matches. So I found this gift very big surprise.

Now I was surprised when I opened it to find it was all in one piece as I could here things banging around in the box and assumed something broke. How in the world did everything arrive in one piece? She must have known what she was doing! Everything safe and sound

First up three bright reds. I am not sure I can pull off reds of this tone since I am so pink skinned but we will see. They all look identical in the photo but the PASTEL one is slightly different than the other two as it has shimmer in it.

Next up three Catherine Arley polishes. I already have the first two so feel free to click on the Catherine Arley tag to see swatches of those two. The other one is a bright red. Similar to those above but a tad darker.

Another pink. By a brand called PASTEL which I have never heard of)

Lastly an almost black Catrice (called Back To Black)

And the card.

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