Friday, July 6, 2012

July Maven Box Reveal (It Girl)

I got my July Maven Box in the mail today. I am torn on this box. I really like one of the colours, dislike one of the colours and am indifferent about the last one. That is the reaction I thought I would have, but not for the polishes I expected! I knew I would be indifferent about Kate. A white. Big deal. For me it is nothing more or less than a base colour. I would never wear it by itself. I knew I would LOVE Mila. WRONG!! In what universe is this a charcoal ANYTHING? I would love to know. its a multi coloured glitter. Smaller glitter than Lippmanns happy birthday, but same idea. I see red, pink, orange, green and yellow in it at first glance. I see none of the charcoal base they talk about. Then there is Daphne. A colour I was ready to hate and actually LOVE! So its really a wash!! The green colour is definitely more of a dusty green and less teal as it shows in the photos, but I really love it and its actually unique in my stash.

Here is Daphne (one coat), then one coat of Daphne with one coat of Mila, then one coat of Kate, and finally one coat of Oh Canada on one coat of Kate.

Here is Oh Canada. I actually really like this. which completely surprised me! It was the free polish that came with every Canadians maven box. I have America and Chelsea on route so I will show them to you when I get them!

And then here is a coat of Mila on top of Kate!

The two glitters in the box of Mila

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  1. That glitter is definitely not a charcoal anything, they really stink at describing their polish.



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