Friday, July 20, 2012

Julep August Maven Preview - And A Breakdown On What Is New And What Is Not!

So its that time of the month again! Julep Maven Preview time!!! I am actually really excited to get this months NON polish item. I might actually switch profiles this time! A nail polish remover in a pump! Even if I don't love the polish, I need to get a new pump anyways! So yay for that! It Girl, Boho Glam or American Beauty....... So not sure which one I am getting. I will for sure get Boho Glam or American Beauty even if I wait until they show up in the maven boutique. BAH!!! Descisions!!! Which are you getting??

The circled polishes are ones that are not new. They have already been in the Julep Boutique already. I have Kim, Alfre and Sienna already swatched on this blog! Just click the Julep tag!
Stefani was already in the boutique as a frosty metallic olive colour. So I am unsure if this is a new Stefani or not! I will let you know when I find out! 

Another BIG change: You can add THREE add ons instead of two!!

EDIT - I just spoke with the lovely ladies at Julep and Stefani is indeed a NEW colour. It is NOT the olive colour with the same name. And since I now know that I can add on 3 add ons for the price of 2 I added Stefani, Piper and the remover!! So its basically, by one box, get the second box for 10.00!!!


  1. I just switched to the It Girl this month and then I want the add-on polish remover. I think it will be a neat little bottle. I like the colors, but I have so many metallics and shimmers and never wear them, but oh well...

  2. How can u add 3 add ons for the price of 2? Are they 4.99 each? Thank you for clearing that up :)

  3. I saw on Julep's Facebook page that they reformulated Stefani so that it no longer has any traces of olive in it. I'm not sure why they didn't rename it, but it has apparently changed.

  4. I like them too and did change to it girl this month myself and did an add on. Thanks for the clearing up on the repeats, sad if you already have those. I think this month is a surprise bag too so that should be handy to keep up with stuff.



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