Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Quest For My Holy Grail Bath Salt Chapter Two: Spa Cakes Soap Company

So I picked up another brand of bath salt on Canada Day at the street festival. Not just the SoGa stuff. This was a complete and total 180 degree change from the other. Have you ever had service that was not so great, or help from someone that was so bad that you should have taken it as a hint to walk away, and yet you still purchased and regretted it after the fact? This was that experience for me . I had just come from the other table, took lots of pictures and was very excited to try out the product. Then I get to this table where the lady was very stand-off-ish. She wouldn't let me take photos (she has them on her blog she said and that was enough. If people want to see them they can go see them there) and was very............ Not quite sure what. Like it was an inconvenience that I was there shopping.

But I was on a quest to find a bath salt I love. And these were there. Apparently they are pre mesasured for one bath. Cant get easier than that.

One thing I noticed was how inconsistent the products were. I understand they are all hand made, but there is a VERY large difference on how strong the scents are. One is almost twice as strong as the other!

There was no dissolving these salts either. They sank to the bottom and did nothing. I ended up putting BOTH in just in case one was a bad batch (and since the colours and scents were so different from each other they were clearly two different batches). NOPE. No dice. They sat there. They did not do anything else except stain my bath. Suddenly the flowers from the chapter one of this test are insignificant. This took time to literally SCRUB and SCRUB and SCRUB!

Overall I can not say much positive about this product. It did not dissolve at all. The packaging was very flawed. The top of the container has a hole so that the product falls out a bit. The smell was very nice if you stuck your nose right to the product but it did not translate to ANYTHING in the bath. Even with two of the packages in there was no smell at al. The texture of the water was exactly that of... well.... water. Because it did not dissolve at all. And there was the pile of gritty salt at the bottom of the bathtub. The price was cheap, but if the product totally blows, then there is ZERO value in the product. Sorry, but it really was a bad product all around and I can not think of anything else to say about it that is positive.


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