Sunday, July 15, 2012

Deborah Lippmann True Blood Collection for HSN

This set contains a deep sanguine red nail polish color (which is scented to match the Forsaken fragrance) and a blackberry lip color. "This lipstick beckons a vampire's bite," said Lippmann of the color, her first-ever lip product, which is a paraben-free blend of aloe and papaya for soft, hydrated lips. "It has a strong sentiment behind it because we didn't want to introduce my first lip color in a subtle way. We worked hard to create an innovative lipstick formula that provides a nail lacquer-inspired fashion-forward intensity, shine, and color." $28.00

True Blood Forsaken Collection by Deborah Lippmann.The trio of minis including “Strange Love,” “New Flesh” and “Bad Blood.”  $25.00

True Blood Forsaken nail duo by Deborah Lippmann  $25.00

These sets will be available on HSN starting on August 9th!

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