Saturday, June 30, 2012

Chanel Diwali VS Chanel Gold Lame - Swatches!

Look what I got!!! I am soooo excited. I had no plans of getting this. I had not even thought about it. Then a lovely lady ordered a pile of polishes from my favourite sales associate ever and had them shipped to me because they wont ship outside of Canada. And this was one of them. And I of course said to the sales associate "get one for me too!". STUPID. BUT WONDERFUL!! Hehe. I love this. Its gold, but its not yellow gold. Its like a silver gold. Its really a foil looking gold with intesnse and isnane silver shimmer that makes it look like a goldish silver or a silvery gold. Whichever way you care to look at it!

The thing that was bothering me was how close it would be to Gold Lame. Not close at all. Not even similar. I gave away my Gold Lame to someone but then won one for free in a livejournal contest. I won Gold Lame, Illusion D'or (also one I had given away!) and a black I dont remember but it exploded in transit and was trashed.

As you can see, Gold Lame is both darker and more orange than Diwali. Diwali is a foil and not a shimmer so its look is more gritty looking in the bottle and on the nail is much more like a foil. Its also much cooler of a colour. For those of you who did not think of gold as a cool colour, here you go!

As you can see, Diwali looks almost silver in comparison to Gold Lame.

The other really really odd thing to note is that even though Diwali is the foil and thus SHOULD be a streaky mess, Gold Lame is much more streaky than Diwali. It really is the perfect perfect gold as far as I am concerned and possibly my favourite Chanel I now own! I never would have though I would say that!

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  1. I feel like with a name like Diwali, it should be a super yellow gold, like at least 24 Ct colour. My friend has a lot of gorgeous, intricate gold indian made jewellery (which looks so fantastic on darker skin!)and it's all super yellow and bright. The Chanel Diwali is so washed out and boring to me! When I think of Indian festivals I think of bold colours like red and yellow!!!



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