Sunday, July 15, 2012

Darling Diva Polishes - Holos & Glitters Oh My!!!

I was so excited when the lovely creator of Darling Diva Polish told me she was going to send me 4 polishes to share with all my lovely readers! I was literally like a two year old checking the mail every single day waiting and waiting for them to arrive! And they made it in VERY good time thankfully, as I really have ZERO patience! Living in Canada, everything takes far longer to get here, but not these! YAY!

The first one up is BzzBzz. This one is described as a clear base with black hexes, gold holo hexes, and yellow flowers. Now for me, I honestly would not describe this as anything differently than that. The only thing I might note is the black hexes come in different sizes both smaller and larger which is a nice touch. The other thing I think is important to mention in this one is that the flowers were not something you had to "catch" or fish out of the bottle. They naturally came out and were surprisingly very easy to lay flat. The clear base is not thick, but its not thin either. It really is just exactly what is needed to hold the glitter without being in any way difficult or frustrating to work with!

The next one I was sent was Destiny. I LOVE THIS!! My gut reaction when I saw this one was "I wish Deborah Lippmann's Glitter In The Air looked like this one!!". It is described as a whitish blue polish full of small holographic hex glitters along with medium sized blue and holographic silver glitters and some gold holographic glitters. It really does remind me of Lippmanns Glitter In The Air minus the pink and adding the gold. The description is fairly accurate though I see two different shades of blue hex glitter in it. I personally don't see anything really holographic about it, I would rather describe the glitter as iridescent. The shimmer is gorgeous and insane though!

The formula on this one was not perfect. I found that the base was a little too thin, and it tended to drip a bit if I wasn't careful. That being said, once I got used to it, I really did love this polish and am pretty sure my Lippmann polish will never be used again. Everything about this one I like better.

The above is three coats on its own.

Above is two coats over black (I really do not like BzzBzz over black). The Bzz Bzz when put over black kind of reminds me of Deborah Lippmanns Funky Chunky which if I recall correctly was black hex glitter in a black hex base. People did love it, but its just not my cup of tea!

And here it is one coat over white. I think these would be fun to play with over all sorts of different colours but I cold be here all day showing you different options! I am really impressed with these. None of these have a top coat on them and as you can see, the glitters are all laying very flat already! A big plus in my book!!!

Now on to the HOLOS!!! And these are HOLOGRAPHIC!! Not just holographic, but HOLOGRAPHIC!! Seriously! These are as far as I am concerned, Catherine Arley, Glitter Gal, Gosh Holographic level holos and I am so beyond impressed!! This one is Dreamy. I can not however find it anywhere in her store or in the last 10 or so pages of sales so I am not sure how she describes this! It is a gorgeous linear holographic silver that really just makes me happy! LOVE!

This one also INSANELY holographic is called Event Horizon. This one is described as a black silver based color with a somewhat blue duochrome flecked appearance. I honestly see it as leaning more green than  blue. More like a bluish-tealish-blackish green but still I see green in it. I love it and it is unique among my holographic polishes so it thrills me.

These are two coats of each with no base or top coat.

And here is all four polishes swatched side by side with 3 coats of each!

For personal reasons I could not immediately put these on to test wear (I had to be polish free for 2 days starting the day after I got these in the mail! Thankfully I had a great friend who was more than willing to try these out. She did a dreamy manicure with Destiny accent nail and there was no tip wear on Destiny in the 4 days she wore it and minimal tip wear on Dreamy.

They range in price from 8.00 (glitters) to 12.00 (holos) for a full 15ml size bottle. All in all, I can not say anything but GO!! SHOP NOW!! I was beyond impressed with everything and even more thrilled to realize how accurate her descriptions and pictures on her website are! Makes shopping much easier!


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