Saturday, June 2, 2012

Out Of Season Shopping - Pitfalls & Fun Surprises!

So how many of you shop post-season  or post-holiday sales to stock up for the next year? Find a gorgeous skirt/dress/sweater and purchase it even though it is unwearable for the next 5 months? I do this quite often and it usually ends up quite well. Though you risk one thing............ losing or forgetting about a purchase. Like this skirt.

This Laundry by Shelli Segal skirt has a retail of 195.00 and I got it for 39.00. Forty dollars is a lot for ME to spend on a skirt, but I guess an 80% discount is still a good deal!

I think I purchased it two years ago? It was certainly an end of season sale though I honestly do NOT know where I got it. I only found it since I was cleaning out my closet. It was smooshed between two things. So I immediately put it on! I have no idea how one completely forgets a purchase, but I certainly did! I was wearing a REALLY REALLY cute green cardigan with it but put on my hoodie when it started POURING rain outside. So pretend I am not wearing the hoodie!

Now this is a LOT of skirt. There is so much fabrick in this pleated maxi skirt it is beyond insane. There seem to be a lot of different patterns currently on sale for around the 80.00 mark online if you google Laundry for Shelli Segal pleated maxi skirt, though I can not find this pattern at all. And the yellow strap is from Holt Renfrew's Tory Burch + FEED bag that I just got! And Melanie did find me the yellow one!

So do you guys ever do that? Buy something, put it away and then forget that you have it? Do you shop out of season? Whats the greatest "surprise" you found in your closet?

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  1. I dont like to do Out Of Season Shopping. I do this quite often and it usually stops up quite well. Thanks for sharing.

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