Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Julep Maven July Offerings - Swatches

Hi everyone! I was debating not posting these anymore but after asking some readers it seems they like this here  so I will continue to post it. I don't know if it is just me but the boxes this month seem to have a different energy around them compared to past months. Maybe its the glitter and base, maybe its the excitement of the bonus colour, I am not sure. But this seems an exciting month!! All swatches are taken directly from Julep's blog since they obviously are not even going to ship for a almost a week!

To start with, all American mavens are getting America The Beautiful and all the Canadian Mavens are getting O Canada! automatically as a free bonus! I really would prefer America The Beautiful, but O Canada! will still be nice! Yay!!!

It Girl is the box I usually get. As tempted as I am to get Boho Glam this month (and trust me, I really want it!!) I am sticking with this one. Mainly because while I don't love the green or white, I HATE lipglosses most of the time! 

Daphne: Fresh seafoam green creme
Mila: Charcoal, multi-colored glitter
Kate: Soft white pearl

Classic with a Twist and all other boxes contain a lipgloss. 

Camellia: Soft light pink pastel lip vernis
Audrey: Soft light pink micro-shimmer
Freida: Electric fuschia micro-shimmer

American Beauty contains Yumi. The colour is NOT new. It has been a Sephora exclusive since the day Sephora debuted the Julep line on their website. 

Peony: Nude blush creme lip vernis
Lynn: Nude blush pearl
Yumi: Pink opalescent multi-dimensional glitter (named after Jane’s daughter)

Bombshell has Chelsea which is the colour I probably like most from all the boxes this month!

Zinnia: Violet plum creme lip vernis
Chelsea: Violet, purple and silver multi-dimensional glitter
Kate: Soft white pearl

Boho Glam - I love the coral colours so much! I hope I do not regret not switching to this box! Thankfully I can always buy it in the maven boutique at a later date!

Poppy: Peachy coral creme lip vernis
Mischa: Golden coral micro-shimmer
Georgia: Cherry scarlet micro-shimmer

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