Thursday, June 7, 2012

Julep June It Girl Box

I got my Julep maven box today! My moms came two or three days ago so I have been VERY anxiously awaiting mine! I got the It Girl (though I was DETERMINED to swap for one of the boxes with either Claire or Robin in it though I totally forgot!). 

In the box came the standard card describing your box. On the opposite side is a little how to on nail art. As someone who is pretty dense when it comes to anything in the artistic genre it was a great concept. Though a how to of making dots that says "use a dotting tool or toothpick to make dots" seems to me like saying how to cut your hair is to take hair cutting scissors and cut your hair. Really? Thank you for that! I would NEVER have guessed that one! Sorry, but I found it kind of condescending. There were many of their nail of a days that they COULD have used and actually TAUGHT us something! Oh well!

Also I thought this was very nice of them! I had already received my replacement brushes, but I am sure these will come in handy at some point!

Look how bright and summery the inside of the box is.

The pixie sticks are already gone! And were my FAVOURITE candy as a kid! YUM!!! And the lipgloss I have not yet opened yet but its had AMAZING reviews from friends of mine so I will look forward to trying it out!

The extra brushes

Look how gorgeous and summery the colours are! I LOVE the coral colour and HATE the pink one! But everyone who has ever read my blog expected and KNEW I would hate the pink. The purple....... I love it in the bottle. I refuse to fall for it before swatching it as frosty colours from Julep in the past have been streaky nightmares for me. I WANT to love it. I really hope I do. I will let you know tomorrow!

And since I have not yet redone my toes (I know! Its been almost three weeks!!) I still had Dior Bikini on my toes. I thought I would show you the comparison to Sasha. Its a little bit of a faded version of it. Same amount of orange really. I would say its a lighter version. Same amount of orange to pink to coral in it though.


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