Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Julep Nail Colour (And POSSIBLE July Maven Box SPOILER!!)

So it was mentioned on the Julep facebook page that they would be on QVC tonight and would be introducing a new colour!!! Jane also mentioned that she was going to be adding the colour in to every maven box this month as a free bonus! So we all get an EXTRA polish this month! YAY!!

Well I just went to see if it was possible that the QVC special colour was up yet and guess what I found??

Julep All American 3-piece Nail Polish Collection

America - red and blue glitter with white stars
Catherine - a fire engine red shade

Sienna -  a liquid gold micro-glitter

So it looks to me like the colour we will all be getting as a bonus is America! I may be wrong and she may be debuting ANOTHER colour, but I think its safe to say all mavens will be getting a red, blue and white glitter bomb this month!!

EDIT!!!  Based on this I assume we are getting TWO free polishes and they are America AND O Canada!!! But maybe I am reading it wrong and we will just get one! But the image clearly says "get america AND ocanada free. hmm......


  1. Both of those colours are BEAUTFUL!! If you do get them both I'd love to see swatches :)

  2. I think they clarified it to say you would get one of the colors based on your mailing address-- ie, if you have a US mailing address you will get America and if it's Canadian you will get O Canada.

    However, they did say you could add on the other polish to your box if you wished.



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