Friday, June 15, 2012

My June Julep Mystery Box Arrived

So the concept of the Julep mystery box is fantastic. You pay twenty dollars and are GUARANTEED at least 60.00 worth of products. So no matter what, you are getting a great deal. That being said, I wont deny it. I am totally bummed with my box. NOT because of the value. I really do expect to get the smallest box each time. Which I do! LOL! Thats totally ok. But when I got the Valentines Day box it was red and pink themed, with chocolate and completely made sense. My St Patricks Day box was also themed, with green polish, chocolate coins, and just felt festive. So when I ordered a JUNE mystery box, I really expected bright spring/summery colours.

The box came super fast and the minute I saw the box I knew I got a small one. Kind of what I was hoping for as the mystery colour seemed to be in small boxes, not the big ones.

Inside was this

The lipgloss that just came in the june box. A FANTASTIC lip gloss!

Jodie I already have two of. But its a pretty colour. And nail therapy which I go through in about 3 weeks. I seriously refuse to use any other base coat. I think I am down to 13 back ups? That sounds like a ton but at one point I had over 20!!

Pippa and Juliette.

And all together. The nail therapy and 3 colours retail for exactly 60.00. So I can not complain about the value. The free nail file that Julep gave out awhile back even though they say not to use these but to use glass ones. And the free lipgloss.

So yeah. I am not upset about the value. But I am bummed. Juliette and Pippa are two of the most BORING (not bad. just boring!) colours ever, and none of this box says spring.


  1. I just received my box today in Montreal and I received the exact same box, right down to boring Juliette. I'm not really upset either, but I was hoping for one summer pedicure colour, oh well.

  2. I got my box earlier this week and was disappointed because I got two really dark colors and one neutral. No fun summer colors at all!

  3. yeah that sucks. i love julep but those colors are not screaming summer to me whatsoever.

  4. I haven't gotten my box yet and it shipped a while ago, but I am on the other side of the country from Seattle. This is the first one I've ever ordered so I can't wait to see what I get!

  5. I got my box on Saturday and I got 5 colors mixed from dark to nude color, a base and top coat, nail therapy and all the goodies for a pedicure. Woo!



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