Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Few More Selections From The Nailtini Bar!

For those of you who saw my past post on Nailtini, I have another one for you! I just got these in the mail which means MORE swatches for you! And it means the end of my Nailtini wish list. Which  means they need to get off their bums and make a new collection or add new colours! 

Now just to be open and upfront, I did not purchase these. After my last review (which I did purchase!) the company contacted me and offered to send me 4 minis of my choice. And minis are NOT mini!! They are about the size of a full sized Gosh polish! Now there was no deal to review them (though of course I am!!) and I will of course be honest and fair in my review regardless of from where they came!

These are the four that I chose. I was told I could pick any four. Which is convenient because my wishlist had exactly FOUR colours left. To be honest these are not what I was expecting!!

Voodoo & Liquid Luau

These two are straight up colours. They are not the effect top coats but rather the wonderful colours you start with. Voodoo is described on the webpage as "Cast a spell with premium nail lacquer in vivid, iridescent plum purple" but honestly, I see it as a fuchsia pink. I guess I should start by saying these four were sold out or not available when I was at the store in NYC so I had never seen these in person. The second colour is Liquid Luau which is described as "Premium nail lacquer in a blend of coral and bronze shot with silver glimmer, like tropical flowers on a moonlit sea". It also was not what I was expecting. Its very much like Julep Jodie. It is a pinky-bronzy-rosey colour with silver shimmer. Most like a rose gold. But it is really pretty and I do see myself wearing it!

Spritzer & Chilled

Up next is Spritzer and Chilled. These are the topper top coats. They ARE the effect top coats. Again, not quite what I was expecting based on the webpage. Sparkler is described as "Premium nail lacquer overflowing with glitter, like fireworks atop your nail cocktail. Float over any color, or wear multiple coats on its own for serious dazzle". The picture on the website looks like this:

I guess looking at the picture of what I got and the stock photo they DO look alike. I was just expecting red with a bit of fuchsia but it is really JUST fuchsia and not the red. But again, that was just a surprise. I have not and had not googled reviews or images of it so I guess that's the joy of shopping onlline! Chilled is described as "Special-effect top coat in a satiny matte finish with a hint of shimmer" It is a VERY subtle effect but quite nice!

Up first is Liquid Luau two coats, then with one coat of chilled, and then with one coat of sparkler. Then comes Voodoo two coats, then two coats with one coat of chilled, then finally two coats with one coat of sparkler.

I also was playing around and topped a few more things with sparkler trying to find a combo I would wear! I first put it over blue denim, and then over nirvana both by Dior.

And here it is over a bright metallic purple.

Overall the quality of the polishes is exactly what I have come to expect from Nailtini. Wonderful formula, two coats makes it perfect, one coat you could probably get away with, fairly fast drying time, and as we know, I love the concept of the company! 

My ONLY upset is that the colour descriptions on the website could be a little better. The stock photos are not very accurate and its hard to judge online what they will look like in person. At least you know that you will end up with a high quality unique colour in the end, even if its not QUITE what you were expecting! 

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