Thursday, June 14, 2012

Julep's Sasha, Morgan And Sandra Swatches

This blog post is coming REALLY late. I promised last week to get pictures up. I was NOT excited about anything other than Sasha in this months maven box. Frosty tends to equate to streaky and while most of Julep's colours have been home runs, a very select few have been hot streaky messes!! So when both Morgan and Sandra were described using the word frosty......... Any ways, I have swatched them and played with them and am happy to say they are AMAZING! I HATE pink, and even I have to admit that Sandra is a pretty version of pink (though NOT a colour for me!)

Sasha is described as a fresh, cantaloupe melon creme, Morgan as a frosty grape purple and Sandra as a  friendly, frosted magenta. These were all two coats!

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