Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Nails Inc Little Miss Splendid

Ok, this post is LONG overdue. I already showed you guys the Little Miss collection put forth by Nails Inc. What I didnt ever do was show you the swatches! Little Miss Naughty as mentioned needed to be mine and it is. And I will post swatches of that one, but here is Little Miss Splendid. 

"Little Miss Splendid lives in a mansion with a golden bathtub, and thinks she is better than everyone else. When she goes to town and sees a new hat in a store window that she thinks she simply must have, she buys it. When she is walking home and her friends ask her if she wants to take the bus, she refuses – but then it starts to rain, and her new hat is ruined."

Look at the shimmer and sparkle in this colour?! Its the Webster definition of awesome ballz. Yup. I said it. AWESOME. BALLZ!!


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