Saturday, June 30, 2012

Glitter Gal Dark Purple - Happy Canada Day To All!!

So Sunday is Canada Day. But Canada Day is Monday. Confused? Our wonderful and oh so wise government (insert sarcasm here) decided to pass a new bill this year that states that when Canada Day falls on a Sunday the holiday is moved until Monday. Now since Canada was ALWAYS a statutory day off it was really irrelevant. When Canada Day has fallen on a Sunday, we have had sunday off with pay if we work a retail job and if you did not work a retail job you had Monday off in leu of Sunday. Everyone was happy. A long weekend for those who worked non retail jobs and a stat and extra pay if you were a retail worker. So what happens now? Sunday is Canada Day. But not legally. So all retail workers will work on Sunday and have Monday off with everyone else. The problem? All festivities and fireworks and parties will still be on Sunday. So its really a big SCREW YOU to all retail workers. They will be at work (which I assume will be DEAD) and missing all street festivals, parties and fun. They will have Monday off with everyone else unable to do anything because our entire city has totally shut down. Nice huh?

Anyways, rant over. I decided since a lot of the parties and festivities start Saturday I would do a special manicure for my Saturday Canada Day excitement. A BBQ at a friends place followed by going down to a big street festival in the night time! Now many of you may be going "Purple Holographic?? FOR CANADA DAY??!!" but here is my excuse. Canada Day to me means fireworks, and this TOTALLY looks like fireworks on my hands!! So it IS festive!!

I know this is a zillion photos but OMG!! Is it not a firework explosion or what? Now all these are in doors! I plan on taking off this manicure tomorrow night (Right now its Friday evening) and putting something else on for the actual day of Canada Day. Maybe red and white. I don't know yet.

And I love it SOOOO much, I am breaking down and showing you my pre clean up nails! This is two coats and I have not yet cleaned it up! But is it not GORGEOUS!!

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  1. Happy Canada Day to you! I also have and love this purple holo - stunning!



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