Friday, June 22, 2012

Elixer Lacquers - My Kind Of Connery

I showed stock photos of this AGES ago! I was STUNNED when it showed up in a package for me awhile back. And I just thought with all the insane amounts of drama going on right now with a certain indie seller now was the perfect time to show you all some STRESS AND DRAMA FREE polish!!!

The only thing about this that surprised me was in the bottle you can see these little bright white dots that I did not love in person. That being said, once swatched I did not notice them, and really love the polish. I have said quite a bit recently that I am OVER the entire indie polish thing (asside from Pam Girly Bits who I love and will always support). This polish kind of makes me change my mind. I admit it. I totally LOVE this polish!! Oh! And its two coats with NO base colour!!!

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