Thursday, September 19, 2013

September Wantable Box Unboxing Video

So I got my Wantable box in the mail the other day. My feedback to the company was that I liked it but didnt love it. And while I only got one product I specifically said I didnt like, I did get a product I said I disliked and had I actually purchased the box I would have been much more annoyed by it. The response? "OOPS! We screwed up! Sending you a new product now!". Within 5 minutes I had a new shipping confirmation email! I had specifically said I dont like red lipsticks, dark or deep lipsticks!! So I was asked if there was something specific I would like in exchange for it and I still wanted a bit of a surprise, but I wont lie. I want a Laqa polish in a colour that isn't pink. My answer was either a not pink Laqa polish or a makeup brush! I'll let you all know what they send me when I get it!

Wantable Website:
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