Monday, September 9, 2013

Nails Inc Spring/Summer 2013 Collection - Swatches

So I picked up three of the polishes from the Spring/Summer collection from Nails Inc. collection. Actually, I picked up two. I did not get St James Park (a bright pink! NO THANKS!!) and as I found out when I got home, here in Canada, our displays did not have Royal Botanical Gardens (a mint) but instead had a polish from the regular line, Haymarket instead. Kind of bummed we miss out on the new spring colour, but I did pick up the mint they did have.

Let me start with Kensington Palace Gardens. This colour I swear keeps changing on me. It was (I swear I am not crazy) a bright coral colour when I picked it up in store. Then I got it home and it was a bright pastel pink that was gross looking. And somehow now its a pink leaning salmon colour I cant decide what I think of it.

Chelsea Physic Garden is a creamy pastel blue colour. Not green enough to be a tiffany blue, but still slightly green leaning.

And this one, Haymarket, the polish that really isnt part of the collection. This one is a mint green colour that leans blue. Almost like a pastel teal colour? Certainly more blue than the typical green, but still a minty green shade.

Now I didnt think I had anything similar in my stash to Haymarket, but Blueberry Bubblegum from Ceramic Glaze sure is close! Just about a shade darker and slightly (and I really do mean slightly) less green tinged and more blue.


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