Saturday, September 14, 2013

Ceramic Glaze Into The NIght Holographic Collection And Swatches

So I picked up the entire Ceramic Glaze collection at Shoppers Drug Mart last week. OK. That was a lie .I picked up TWO entire collections of the Ceramic Glaze Into The Night Holographic Collection last week. One set for me, one set to split up for a few exchanges I am doing right now. 

Now while these colours are nice, I don't think I would call them holographic. More like metallics or foils with a holographic shimmer? They are nice, and they do have some holographic shimmer but they aren't really out and out holographic!

Dance Til Dawn is a pinky-purple foil with holographic shimmer. I think this is more purple than pink, but for pink haters out there like me, it definitely is close enough to a pink for me to see it as pink.

I'm a VIP is a dark plum metallic shade loaded with holographic glitter. A great deep dark purple with a shimmer that is gorgeous!

Exclusive Invite is a........... colour I cant even describe. Its not grey, its not brown, its not purple. Its a brown that looks almost grey or purple in some lights, or its a grey that leans brown or purple in some lights. I dont know! Its different, its unique, and its got a great holo shimmer in it, though they all really do.

Going To The After Party is a slightly blackened navy blue shade. Its certainly a blue, but so dark it almost looks like a grey or black from afar.

DJ Play My Song was the worst of the collection. Its a slightly blue tinged silver. Its the only one that is really streaky. It dries down more so most of the streaks aren't as visible in real life as they are in these photos, but it is still slightly streaky.

All in all, while I really like most of these polishes, they aren't quite holographic enough for me to call them a true holographic collection. More like heavy holographic shimmer. They are nice though! The wear is good, and overall I would say if you are able to handle the 10.99 price tag, then pick them up! But maybe pass on the DJ Play My Song!

These will be available at Shoppers Drug Marts nationwide through the end of October!


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