Thursday, September 26, 2013

Limited Edition Butter London 12 Piece Polish Set For Holiday 2013

Exclusively at Ulta, Buttter London has a set of 12 mini 6ml polishes for Holiday 2013 in a nice gift box.

Butter London Holiday 12 Piece Fashion Size Set. A carefully crafted box with signature details and a bespoke selection of 10 fashion size lacquers, 8 of their favorite shades, 1 from the vault, 1 NEW shade. Nail Foundation and Hardware round out this brilliant gift!

Now usually this is where I get all excited and giddy and tell you how much I need this set and that it WILL be mine. Instead, I am going to rant. Butter London, you REALLY dropped the ball on this set. Contained in this set are: Cake Hole (pink, no thank you), Come to Bed Red (not big into reds or I would have this already), Blagger (have), Dodgy Barnett (have), Jaffa (have), Henley Regatta (have), Fruit Machine (another pink), Yummy Mummy (have), Prince's Plums(vault) (this is a super old gorgeous colour that never came out in the new packaging, but I actually own it already), NEW The 444 (apparently the one amazing awesome 6ml polish that should propel us to drop $65 for this set?).

Im all for great large sets of mini colours for a reasonable price, but are you freaking kidding me Butter London?! Most of the people who shell out $60+ on nail polish would be the people who are hooked on polish and obsessed like I am. And those people would have most of these colours. Old vault colours is a smart idea, but one? So at most, you want us to shell out $70 after taxes for two little 6ml polishes?


If however you disagree with me, you can pick up this set on the Ulta website right now!


  1. Me too. I'm going to break up the set and use it as stocking stuffers..and keep the ones I want.



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