Monday, September 9, 2013

Lise Watier Chic Tartan For Autumn 2013

Chic Tartan is from the new Fall Collection from Lise Watier. I picked this one up at Shoppers Drug Mart, but I have seen it at London Drugs and am sure its also at PharmaPrix!

Chic Tartan is a cream polish with a super glossy finish! The polish is definitely on the thicker side, but one thin streaky coat followed by one thicker coat leaves your nails picture perfect! And if you are worried about the way its applying, wait to see how it dries! Its slightly bizarre but it kind of self corrects/levels itself out!

As for the colour, its a grey, but its not a grey. Its a bluey/greeney/teal in some lights. Its certainly a grey leaning blue/green, not a greyed out green or blue, but its got MORE of the blue/green look than your traditional grey polishes. Just enough to make it a little more interesting than your average colour!

Just for an example, next to Ceramic Glaze Leather Mini (a dark blackish grey) you can see how much more blue it looks. Yet at the same time, its not the OBVIOUS blue grey of say a Dior Bond Street.


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