Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Beauty Mail! Bits and Bobs!

So I thought I would share with you all some lovely pieces I just got in the mail. The Chantecaille Shadow and The Rose Palette I was lemming since it first came out (I posted about it once already) but today I am happy to say it is MINE!!!!!!!

For any of you that have not yet experienced the luxuriousness that is Chantecaille shadows, you really must. Or.... maybe you shouldn't. If you don't know what you are missing, you can't yearn for them can you?

This palette is simply gorgeous. These are two full sized shadows and a blush with a special embossed rose on the top. They come in a Ma Petite Palette (which retails for $42US empty) and the shades retail for $25 when purchased as refills. That makes the retail value of this set $117 and the palette sold for $79. I got it for a STEAL ($35)!!!

The colours from left to right are Lilac Rose (Shine Eye Shade), Intrigue (Cheek Shade) and Bourbon Rose (Shine Eye Shade). As you can see, the colours are highly pigmented and just beyond gorgeous! The only slight issue I have and I may just pop out the shadows myself and do this is that I HATE that the blush is in the middle. I am not sure why it bothers me so much, but it does. But since they are simply refills in a Ma Petite Palette I can just pop out the colours and change the order around!

I also got this Dior Nail Sparkling Powders Set in the mail this past week. Not much to really say about this yet, since I have not yet used this and am saving it for a special occasion. The powders though are really really tiny. They are the size of the Birds of Paradise nail polish duos from last season. So that is something worth noting. Otherwise, they are simply Dior nail polish bottles filled with sparkles and glitter! And a fixative to adhere them. The one thing that makes these slightly different than other nail glitters is that the bottles come with a brush and you brush the glitter on instead of shaking it over the nail. But don't get too excited. From my understanding, you still end up with a big mess to clean up after the fact.


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