Saturday, September 28, 2013

Julep Reece, Karmen, Tatiana and Candice!

Now this is NOT a holiday collection, but it sure should be! This just SCREAMS winter holidays to me. Xmas, New Years. Chanukah, Kwanza, Christmukah, Festivus, or any other winter holiday.

Now I will apologize at the get go since I went a little overboard with the swatches. They are just so freaking awesome! Kind of reminiscent to me of the Deborah Lippmann Sugar Plum or Rock This Town sets. But actually, these have a better formula (sorry Deborah Lippmann, I love you!).

Reece - Julep simply describes this as a holographic shimmer. It certainly has holographic shimmer as you can see in the photos, but its kind of a purple/green duochrome with holographic shimmer.

Karmen - Julep describes Karmen as a golden crimson microglitter. Now in the bottle this looks like an INTENSE gold shimmer that is quite obvious. In reality its a gorgeous cranberry shade with a subtle gold shimmer. This is one coat to show opacity, and while you do need two coats, I felt one coat really showed how smooth and even the application is.

Tatiana - Described as a golden burnt orange microglitter. This just looks like autumn and fall and leaves to me. Its a burnt orange with a golden glow. It just looks like outdoor autumn leaves to me!

Candice - Described as a golden chocolate microglitter, This looks like a chocolate brown base with so much golden and even slightly olive shimmer that gives it a much lighter look than the average almost black based polish.



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