Thursday, September 26, 2013

Butter London Duos In Ice And Fire

Ok! Here we go! Its time! A holiday set from Butter London (or two) that I NEED!!!!!!! Finally! I get to get all excited and jumpy here!

There are two sets, Ice and Fire. Ice includes Bluecoat and Leccy Top Coat and Fire includes Rebel Fox and Brass Monkey Top Coat.

Each set is $24 each and I am about to see if my US polish dealer (haha, I love her, really!) can pick these up for me! Go check them out on the Ulta website.


  1. Just getting ready to order these two sets on Macy's. I was going to be good seeing as I ordered two of the Deborah Lippmann mini holiday sets but then my week went right down the toilet so instead of maybe being good or only getting one I'm getting both. Yep its been that bad of a week. Thank god I have my favorite blogger to make me laugh



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