Friday, September 27, 2013

Lorac Dazzling Dozen Limited Edition Eye Shadow Collection

Wow. Ok, so here is another limited edition Ulta set! I know, I know! Why do I keep posting ULTA specials when they dont ship to Canada? Because they are just so darn awesome! (Or some of them are at least!). This is a set of twelve FULL SIZED single shadows. These are NOT miniature, or special packaging. Just regular shadows that you can happily go to the Lorac website and pay $19US per shade! and yes, 12 of them for only $35! That is less than the price of two and you get you 12! I think I may be picking this up as well! EEK!

Shades include Serenity, Bronze, Starlight, Celebutante, Smokin, Au Naturel, Shimmer, Sapphire, Mango, Gleam, Luxury and Dazzle.

1 comment:

  1. OMG this is amazing! It's a haul for me to get to ulta but this is definitely worth it!



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