Thursday, September 26, 2013

Green Tea Facial Mask From Skinfood

So Skinfood is a Korean brand that is quite popular. Since I have been on a face mask kick lately I picked up a few sheet masks to try out.

I am not going to go on about how I feel it worked, because to be honest, I only kept it on about 3 minutes before being digusted and tossing it.

This mask is REALLY wet. And by REALLY wet, I mean dripping down my neck and on to my pj shirt the entire time. And its really really big.

I couldnt position it on my face anywhere that it actually sat on my entire face. And while it might work if you remained lying down on your bed on your back the entire time, it was so wet that I would have made a big wet spot on my bed.

I was really excited to try this, but I sadly took it off after three minutes because I just couldn't handle it any longer. Have you tried one of these masks before? What was your thoughts?


  1. The best way is to lightly damp the mask.

  2. I love sheet masks. If they are really, really wet I lightly wring them out first. I like to use them when I am relaxing in the bathtub so they aren't messy for me at all. You can also pat the extra liquid into your neck and chest if you want. I do agree that they never really fit perfectly but they don't need to. I have felt the best results from the MaskerAide masks, they make my skin feel super nice and refreshed.



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