Thursday, August 1, 2013

These cream shadows retail for 5.99 each. They are almost ALWAYS on some kind of sale and I think I picked them up for $3.49 each. Avon is a brand I am not usually one to shop from. I know that they are quite popular but aside from the suede polishes I don't tend to have a lot of luck with the brand. Some products are ok, some are great, some are terrible. I do not like taking chances. And I HATE brands that are so inconsistent.

But since I am a sucker for cream shadows, and the only drugstore eye products I have enjoyed in the last.......... oh, 5 years has been the Maybelline Color Tattoos. So I thought, why not try these?

I got Pebble Stone, Candy Sorbet and Frothy Mocha.

Now the colours themselves are very muted and very neutral. Perfect for me and I was extremely happy to see that they were what I was hoping they would be! That's the other main reason that I don't like shopping Avon. The photos of the colours are TERRIBLE and you can rarely see what they really look like!

So when I saw the shadows and got really excited. And then I felt them and they feel smooth and buttery. So I was even more disappointed than when I swatched them. Do you remember the Revlon blush sticks that came out 6 months back that you had to swipe 30 times to get no colour pay off and a waxy gross residue? These remind me of those. They aren't thick and heavy like those, but they have the same pay off! They have almost NO colour pay off and the colour you do get kind of sits on top of the skin.

Now they are not waxy or uncomfortable on the skin once you get enough payoff, but they sit on top. They really don't melt in or sit firmly. They are really smooth and kind of........ wet feeling so they slip and slide quiet a big. All in all, I like the look of them, the colour of them, but I really DON'T like these in practice!


  1. I love my Pebble Stone as a shimmer, but yes they are very subtle :)

  2. :( disappointing... will be sure to steer clear of these

  3. how disappointing! these remind me of the color tattoo 'icy mint' which i hated.

  4. Hmmmmm, I know a lot of ladies that use the avon cream shadows and love it. It might just depend on the colours you bought or that batch. But a coworker uses the seaform green and purple and it looks amazing on her and she has really dark skin!



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