Sunday, August 18, 2013

NARS Adult Content & Killing Me Softly Blush Palettes

So NARS has two limited edition palettes that are about to come out. And they are all about blush. I own two of their blushes (one cream and one not cream). This seems like a fantastic way to be able to try out a bunch of their blushes really inexpensively. And yes. I did just use NARS and inexpensive in the same sentence. But 4 blushes for under the $50 mark (think these are $49US) makes it $12.50 per shade. Yes you get less, but I never hit pan anyways!

Adult Content Blush Palette - contains Zen (natural beige), Miss Liberty (soft shimmering peach), Deep Throat (sheer peach) and Desire (cotton candy pink)

Killing Me Softly - contains Gilda (coral with a hint of red), Albatross (luminous glow), Orgasm –(peachy pink with gold shimmer) and Outlaw (soft rose tone with gold shimmer)


  1. hmmm don't know which one i like more!

  2. lovely post!! would be amazing if you could check out my review of it!!! :) XXX

    1. I was about to delete this as spam, but its such a lovely blog post with awesome action shots, I just couldnt!



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